Why Co-Branding

Co-branding is a useful strategy for many businesses seeking to increase their customer bases, profitability, market share, customer loyalty, brand image, perceived value, and cost savings. Many different types of businesses, such as retailers, restaurants, carmakers, and electronics manufacturers, use co-branding to create synergies based on the unique strengths of each brand. Simply put, co-branding as a strategy seeks to gain market share, increase revenue streams, and capitalize on increased customer awareness.

Co-branding can be spurred by two (or more) parties consciously deciding to collaborate on a specialized product. It can also result from a company merger

or acquisition as a way to transfer a brand associated with a well-known manufacturer or service provider to a better-known company and brand. Co-branding can see more than just name and brand associations; there may also be a sharing of technologies and expertise, capitalizing on unique advantages of each co-branding partner.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of Digital Marketing experts who have worked closely with over 500 businesses New Zealand Wide. Our services range from an initial Marketing conversation to delivering high end digital Marketing products, Services and Tools.

We help businesses achieve their Marketing gold through innovative ideas, Co- branding is one of them.

As a business, you might have a few partners or what we call suppliers. Most of their sales and revenue comes from businesses like you. If you do well, they get an opportunity to supply you more, helping them grow at the same time.

Through Co- Branding, your partners/suppliers can fund your Website or Marketing campaigns helping you gain more sales and better market share and in return you allow them to advertise their LOgos on your website.

How we work

If you are looking to upgrade your Website or planning to get a new one, get in touch with us and provide us with a list of your suppliers. Our team will get in touch with your suppliers and get them to fund your new website. Our team also creates all the logo artwork for your suppliers that goes under “our partners” section on your website.

In this process, you get a FREE website and your suppliers get a huge exposure through your website. The process is designed to benefit all parties involved in the process.